Best Aftermarket Apple Products

Best Aftermarket Apple Products

Nowadays, a smartphone is an extension of oneself. We don’t just use it for making calls or for school/ office work; we practically depend on it for our entertainment as well. As a result, we take care of our iPhones very dearly. But after years and years of care, there comes a time when your iPhone is finally reaching the end of its life span. Sometimes there will be some battery issues, while the buttons won’t work in others. So what will you do? Give up on your precious iPhone or go for a repair.
Of Course, many of us will opt to repair the iPhone and bring it back to life. Many users may opt for sending it to an Apple Service provider, but spending an arm and leg on a dying soul will be too much for many users. Thus, they might end up visiting a cell phone repair store. When you reach the service center, you will be confronted with a difficult question.

What are OEM Products?

OEM, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer products, are iPhone parts made by companies involved in making parts for Apple. The trick is that they are not directly sourced from Apple itself. These parts are obtained from secondhand/ Discarded iPhones. Many third-party iPhone repair companies acquire these properly functioning, usable second-hand parts to repair their clients’ defaulted iPhones.

What are aftermarket Apple products?

As Apple refuses to sell brand-new spare parts officially thus, there are many aftermarket parts available in the market that other companies manufacture. This doesn’t mean that you are in for poor quality, in fact, many aftermarket product suppliers have built a solid reputation for themselves. LCD Screens are some of the most commonly sold aftermarket products as it is one most common iPhone flaws that many users face.

Top 7 Best Aftermarket Apple Products

When buying new iPhone accessories, the market is flooded with options. So much so, even purchasing a simple thing like a charger will baffle you, and if you end up impulse buying, then chances are that the quality may not be up to the standard. Thus, always look for recommendations and reviews before purchasing Apple Aftermarket products. Some of the most famous are:

1. Screen Protectors

They are made up of tempered glass. Most of them have an oleophobic coating, thus making it oil resistant and smudge-free. Usually, the screen protectors have an installation kit that helps reduce air bubbles and misalignment. Spigen’s screen protectors are considered the best in the market due to their scratch-resistant feature, durability, and ease of application.

2. iPhone Batteries

All of us know that smartphone batteries degrade with time, and so is the case with iPhones, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy a new iPhone.One can replace the battery at a cellphone repair store and get things rolling.

3. USB Cable

There are many durable USB Cables available in the market. For example, the Anker power flow USB Cable has a lot of online reviews and ratings. It is 6 feet in length and provides the durability of over twenty-five thousand bends. It is available in various colors. Thus, you can choose according to the theme/decor of your room.

4. Wireless Charging Stations

As soon as we reach home, we empty our pockets. We place all the coins, toss our keys, and place our iPhones on the shelf in the entrance foyer. What if you place a wireless charging station over there? You won’t have to trouble yourself by running around and finding the charger. Simply placing your iPhone on the charging station will do the trick. The Catch 3 wireless charging dish is a great way of adding ease, convenience, and style to your way of living and charging an iPhone.

5. Waterproof Pouch

A waterproof pouch is an accessory every user needs. It protects your iPhone from accidental spills. The Universal Waterproof pouch by JOTO has a lot of reviews on Amazon. It comes in various colors. The best part is that it provides you extra space for placing cash or credit cards. Thus it can transform into a wallet as well.

6. Battery Packs

Apple is famous for its battery packs, but the Mag Safe Battery packs also have excellent quality. It also provides you with excellent charging solutions if you are mostly on the go. Smaller than a deck of cards, this battery pack provides extra charging for up to four hours.

7. Goose Neck Phone Holders

It is an iPhone stand providing endless possibilities for its users. Clip it to a bed, a desk, or your child’s car seat. It can be clamped to surfaces with up to 3-inch thickness. Thus, you don’t have to hold your iPhone while watching Netflix in bed anymore.

OEM Or AfterMarket Apple Products? Which to choose?

All the users need is a functional iPhone. Thus OEM or aftermarket Apple products, if done right, both will end up making your iPhone functional and increase the lifespan of your iPhone. 

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Following are a few commonly asked questions. Let’s have a look at them:

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the most popular Apple Accessory?

Some of the most popular Apple accessories are as follows:

  • Clutch V2 Lightening Charger
  • PITAKA MagSafeCompatible Car Phone Mount
  • Master and Dynamic MC100 Wireless charge pad