Can an iPhone Screen be Replaced?

Can an iPhone Screen be Replaced

Iphones are considered a status symbol by many around the world. They have a huge fan following and are immensely popular across the globe. According to statistics, Apple shipped 49 million iPhones worldwide in Q3 of 2023 – within just three months. Why? The answer is simple. Apple’s smartphones provide a unique blend of hardware and software, with impeccable design, high-resolution camera, and no compromise on quality. Despite everything, Apple has been unable to resolve the number one issue users have faced for eons -the cracked screens.

The Number 1 Issue:

According to estimates, one-third of phones face accidental damage each year. Whereas the number one accidental damage reported is that of a broken screen. Let’s be real; we all know that one person who uses his iPhone with a broken screen. It has poor visibility, yet they are trying to use it daily. The good news is that they do not have to purchase a new iPhone to enjoy a normal screen. There is a solution to it. The screen of an iPhone can be replaced.

Is There an Option for iPhone Screen Replacement?

Yes, iPhone screens can be replaced by Apple stores and official third-party iPhone specialized stores In fact there are several ways through which a cracked or completely shattered screen can be replaced. For example, taking it to an Apple store or doing it yourself. In this blog, we will discuss how an iPhone user can get the screens replaced. Let’s have a look.

Ways Of Replacing an iPhone Screen:

Right here, we will walk you through all the ways which can help you in replacing the iPhone screen

Visiting an Apple Store

Who will know the best about the device? Of course, the company that manufactured it. Thus, visiting an Apple store is the best call of action in case of accidental damage. After all, Apple has manufactured the iPhone and will know the best possible solution to your problem. 

Visiting Independent Repair Shops

While it is best to get your iPhone from an Apple repair shop but honestly speaking, the prices are exuberantly high for the vast majority. Thus, a layman’s next call of action will be to visit independent cellphone repair shops. Many cell phone repair shops are popping up in the town and cities that specialize in providing iPhone repair services like Fix My Gadget. The best part is that they do not cost you an arm or leg.

The risk is that the repaired/replaced screen might not be genuine. This causes you more problems down the lane, and in the end, you might end up spending more than what Apple Care charges. Worst come to worst, you might buy a new iPhone rather than invest more in the damaged smartphone. So, always look for reliable, independent repair shops with good references.

How much does Apple charge to Replace a Screen?

Unfortunately, Apple will not do it for free. They will charge you a hefty amount for it. Even if you fall under the 1-year warranty, you still have to pay a nominal fee for replacing a broken/ shattered screen, as Apple doesn’t cover accidental damages in its warranty. Apart from that, the price of the screen replacement also depends on the model that you have. For example, iPhone ProMax will cost you a whooping $316, and replacing the display screen of the iPhone 13 will cost you $266.But if you have purchased Apple Care when purchasing the iPhone, then the tables will turn as Apple Care allows two accidental damage repairs at a flat rate of $25/29 regardless of the model every year.

Ways to Protect iPhone Screen: We can protect our iPhone screens by taking the following precautions:

  • Apply a glass screen protector. It helps the iPhone to sustain soft and hard falls by giving an extra layer of protection. There are many types of screen protectors available in the market. Plastic screen protectors do not protect iPhones from hard falls whereas a tempered glass screen protector is worth every penny.
  • Invest in a good bumper case. It protects your iPhone from accidental falls as the elevated edges hit the ground instead of the smartphone itself. The only drawback is that it increases the weight of the iPhone and the looks are deteriorated but worry not safety first! You will get used to it in the end.
  • Attach a pop socket or a ring holder to the back of your iPhone. This helps in providing a firm grip which as a result reduces the chance of accidental falls.
  • If you are always o the go and the fear of breaking the iPhone screen hovers above your mind then purchasing a car phone holder is the key. It helps in bringing ease in communication while traveling.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen?

The iPhones that fall under Apple care and apple care plus are charged a nominal fee of $29 to$25 for accidental damage repair. If your iPhone is out of warranty, then Apple will charge you a whooping $129 to $329, depending o the repair required.

Is it worth replacing a screen?

As in most cases, an affordable replaced screen will extend the life span of your iPhone gadget.

Can a cracked screen cause problem?
Tiny dust particles can penetrate through the cracks and can reach the iPhone’s delicate machinery causing malfunction in the future.