Can Apple Fix a Cracked iPhone Screen?

Can Apple Fix a Cracked iPhone Screen

Oops! You have dropped your iPhone on the floor and guess what? The iPhone screen has cracked. Amazingly it’s not just a tiny crack-It is one of those spider webs that take up the entire screen. Since you can not see the display screen and the touch system is all distorted, so you will consider your iPhone useless. But wait, shouldn’t you take your iPhone to the Apple store for a repair? Have you purchased Apple Care+?  If yes, then there are chances that if you are still within the warranty window, they will fix your cracked screen with a modest fee. Purchasing an Apple Care + protection plan allows you to get two accidental damages repaired per year.

Whereas the standard Apple care warranty does not cover such accidental damages or repair of a cracked iPhone screen.What if the customer has not purchased Apple care Protection plus or is somehow out of warranty? What should they do? Getting repair services from Apple stores will cost you a hefty amount; not everybody can afford that. Should they lose hope? No. There are plenty of other options available in the market for users to get their cracked iPhone screens repaired at a reasonable price. But first, we will discuss what the users must do before visiting a nearby iPhone repair center.

1. Analyse Your iPhone Display screen.

Is it a hairline crack, or is the crack like a spider web that has sucked all the colors from the display screen. Is the screen shattered enough that nothing is visible on the screen? These are a few of the questions that repair technicians will ask.

2. Choose the Type of Display Screen Your iPhone Needs

A variety of iPhone display screens are available in the market from which one can choose.

1.  After Market Display Screens

These LCDs are always available in the market and have a lower price quote. Thus, smartphone repair shops prefer to keep a stock of them. However, this should not be your pick if you are looking for quality LCD screens. These duplicate screens are nothing close to the original ones. The color scheme, brightness, and pixel ratio are compromised. The display screen is less vibrant, with dullness quite prominent. Apart from that, the 3D touch experience you get from the original screen won’t be the same. The after-market display screen is less smooth. Also, chances are that the duplicate connectors might end up damaging the motherboard. Despite all the facts mentioned above, if still, you are looking for a cheaper option that will not be heavy on the pocket, then after-market display screens can be your choice.

2. Original Equipment Manufacturer Pulls

OEM parts are mostly a replica of the original parts made by the same manufacturer that supplies the original components to Apple. It is one step higher in terms of price and quality as compared to after-market apple products. Thus the picture quality, color display, and pixel resolution are somewhat enhanced. Still, there is no comparison between the quality of the original screen and that of OEM pulls. As the connectors are duplicates Thus, it still poses a threat of damaging the motherboard. Apart from that, screen brightness adjustment issues and light sensors malfunctioning are some of the frequent complaints commonly received.

3. Original Equipment Manufacturer Refurbished Parts

But what are Refurbished parts? A cracked screen does not mean the entire LCD will not function properly. Thus, many vendors sell these screens globally. They attach the glass screens through the cold press method and end up making the whole unit look as original. This entire phenomenon is known as refurbishing.
The best part about it is that the touch system is just as smooth as the original, ending up giving you an extraordinary 3d experience with sharp and bright visuals.

Choose a Cellphone Repair Store.

Getting a broken iPhone screen repaired is a daunting task. For any iPhone user, it is best to get them fixed. If you are looking for cheaper options, then visit a cellphone repair store that is reliable and is known for its technicians in the past, for example, Fix My Gadget. You can connect with expert technicians, show them your damaged gadget, and mention your preferred screen choice.
Following are some frequently Asked Questions. Let’s have a look at them.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen?

The iPhones that fall under Apple care and apple care plus are charged a nominal fee of $29 to$25 for any kind of accidental damage repair. If your iPhone is out of warranty, then Apple will charge you a whooping $129 to $329, depending o the repair required.

Can I put a screen protector on a cracked screen?

Only in a few circumstances, a screen protector will adhere to a cracked display screen. For example, if the glass pieces are too small, then they won’t stick to the glass protector. Thus, applying one will be useless.