Cell Phone Facts that We Think are Pretty Cool

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many of our Peoria customers, but at uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, we’re more than a little intrigued by cell phones. Whether you’ve come in for a cracked iPhone screen or water damage to your Android, at least one of our team members may have bent your ear a time or two about some random fact about cell phones and their use around the world. Here are a few of those facts that we find kind of fascinating (if something can be just kind of fascinating):

  • The first cell phone was developed in 1973, by inventor Martin Cooper. His was the first cell phone call ever made.
  • That first cell phone weighed about 2 pounds.
  • Today’s smartphones weigh about 3 ounces.
  • The Philippines ranks number one in the world in terms of most text messages sent. Their population averages 1.4 billion texts per day at the cost of two cents each.
  • Nokia still holds the record for the top-selling electrical gadget in history. The Nokia 1100 cell phone sold more than 250 million units.
  • Phillipe Kahn is credited for developing the world’s first camera phone. He shared the first cell phone picture of his newborn daughter Sophie on June 11, 1997.
  • There are now more than 5 billion mobile phones in use around the world.
  • Globally, more people own a cell phone than do a toothbrush.
  • Today’s smartphones have more computing power than the computers used during the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Of course, to keep your smartphone as interesting and fun as possible, it needs to be kept in optimal condition. Our team of experts can help ensure that you are never without your phone for very long. Check us out; we’re happy to help at Fix My Gadget.