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In today’s digital world, our connection to the business and social world is driven by our easy access to computers. When those computers and gadgets fail, prompt and efficient computer repair is paramount to the completion of your daily activities. Recognizing your inherent need for quick, efficient and cost-effective desktop or laptop repair, our certified, Level-3 technicians provide skilled repair to all elements of your computer. From software malfunctions to hardware mishaps, our techs apply their trouble-shooting expertise to correct the issue and get your computer running at its optimal best.

We Specialize in the Following Computer Repair Needs:

  • Laptop Screen Repair
  • Charging Port Replacement
  • USB Port Replacement
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Water Damage

Our years of experience leads the industry in Peoria and Bloomington and is paired with our reputation for excellent customer care. Backed by repair and restoration skills that remain unmatched by our competition, we promise focused attention that ensures a quick turnaround on all computer repair projects, big or small. Find out why so many residents and business owners alike choose the team at Fix My Gadget time after time. We are, without a doubt, the area’s computer and laptop repair experts. For added convenience, we offer all of our valued clients the ability to reserve an appointment for computer and cellphone repair by calling ahead for the fastest available service.

Common Computer Repairs We Can Fix

We specialize in many common computer damages. Below, are a list of those repairs that we can provide. If you don’t see the repair that you need below or don’t know what your computer needs. Contact us! Our computer repair techs would love to help you in any way that we can. We understand that for many people, having a computer that isn’t working properly can greatly affect their day. Choose Fix My Gadget to get your computer up and running as soon as possible!

Laptop Screen Repair

There is a lot that can cause a laptop screen or monitor to be repaired: a hard drop on the ground, a spilled beverage, or the age of the computer itself. Whatever the issue that caused the damage, we can get your laptop screen repair or computer screen repair needs addressed as soon as possible. 

Signs of Broken Screen

  • Cracked
  • Distorted images, coloring, pixelation, resolution lines
  • Backlight issues
  • Blank screen

Tip: To see if your screen is broken or it might be another internal issue (hardware issue, graphics card failure, processor failure), connect your laptop to an external screen. If you don’t see the same issues, then your screen is probably broken. 

Charging Port Replacement

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to charge your computer. If your charging port is acting finicky, it’s time to bring your computer into Fix My Gadget for our Top Rated Local® computer repair services. We have locations in Peoria and Bloomington. 

Signs of Broken Charging Port

  • Wiggling affects how the jack works
  • Physical damage to jack

USB Port Replacement

A broken port can make every day tasks difficult or impossible to perform. The repair techs at Fix My Gadget can help you fix or replace your broken USB port. If you think your port is broken, don’t hesitate to bring it into our store. We can get it fixed quickly, so you can have your computer back to working as soon as possible.

Signs of Broken USB Port

  • Physical damage
  • Devices fail to be detected
  • There is an error message for the device

Tip: Dust and dirt can impair the ability for your device to work. Be sure that your USB and the port are clean

Memory Upgrades

Maybe your computer isn’t broken; it simply needs an upgrade — we can help! We offer memory upgrades for your computer. Learn more about how we can help you upgrade your computer to better fit your needs. 

Signs of That You Need A Memory Upgrade

  • Poor performance
  • Stops responding
  • Delayed response
  • Multitasking with more than one app is impossible
  • Spreadsheets slow the system
  • You get system messages about low memory
  • Display problems/pages only partial load

Hard Drive Replacement

You don’t need to settle for a broken hard drive. A broken hard drive can put your whole system at risk and cost you years of work if you haven’t backed up your computer. When your hard drive starts showing signs of poor performance, don’t wait. Call us! 

Signs of a Bad Hard Drive

  • Strange noises (clicking or humming)
  • Repeated program crashes or disk error
  • Error messages when you’re using a program
  • Overall poor performance and odd behavior from computer

Battery Replacement

Very few things are as frustrating as a battery that will no longer hold a charge — and you must use your charger every time you want to use your laptop. Get your battery fixed right away by the pros at Fix My Gadget to avoid this frustration!

Signs You Need a New Laptop Battery

  • Computer overheating
  • Failure to charge 
  • Short run time and shutdowns
  • Replacement warning

Tips: Many laptop batteries are only rated to last one to two years

Water Damage

Water can spell certain damage for your computer, especially if the spillage or exposure is excessive. Though destructive, water damage doesn’t have to be the end of the road for you and your computer. Get it fixed by us! 

Signs of Water Damage To Computer

  • Left over liquid or residue
  • Discoloration 
  • Corrosion (green in color on our around components)

Still not sure what’s going on with your computer? Bring it in to Fix My Gadget! We have years of experience diagnosing and fixing computers and laptops. Also, in many cases, we can help you save money on a complete replacement. Come to us for computer repair in Peoria and Bloomington. We also offer emergency repair! Set an appointment here or stop in. 

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