We make it simple to get your iPhone or laptop repaired quickly by our experts. Even if you can’t make it to our retail store, we provide mail-in iPhone repair and laptop hardware restoration for your convenience.

Simply follow these five steps to take advantage of our mail-in repair service for your laptop computer, tablet, iPhone, MP3 Player or game console:


1. Request a Mail-In Repair

Call 309-981-2000 or email Fix My Gadget to get a custom shipping label and detailed instructions for shipping your device.

*Do not ship your device without these special instructions.


2. Fix My Gadget Diagnoses the Problem

When we receive your package, our technicians diagnose the problem and contact you by phone with an estimate for the repair before any work is done.


3. You Accept or Deny Repairs

When you confirm the repairs, you pay the quoted price using a credit card. If not, we return your device through the mail.


4. We Complete Repairs

Within 24 hours, we complete the repairs and ship the device back to you according to your shipping preference — standard, second day or overnight shipping.


5. You Receive the Repaired Device in the Mail

Depending on what shipping options you choose, you could receive your device back in 72 hours! You receive the repaired device in the mail, and you are happy.

Start now! Simply call us at 309-981-2000 or email info@fixmygadget.com to request your custom shipping label.