Fix My Gadget Earns Nomination for BBB Business Integrity Award

Fix My Gadget Nomination for BBB Business Integrity Award

Peoria, IL- 27, October 2023

It is our pleasure to inform you that Fix My Gadget has been nominated for the BBB Torch Award for Business Integrity. We recognize this commitment reflects what is at the core of maintaining the integrity of a business firm whose future growth depends upon its continued existence. 

On that note, as we look forward to the announcement of the winner of the BBB Torch Award, let’s go on a quest into where, what, and why we are all here and how this nomination signifies our existence.

The Very Prestigious BBB Torch Award for Business Integrity

BBB Torch Awards is an annual event held every year by the Better Business Bureau to honor organizations for maintaining the highest standards of ethics. This makes the nomination unique since it comes from BBB alone, which presents its special meaning. 

The annual Torch Award Dinner is one of the most exciting days when we expect the selection of winners and announcement that will be done on Wednesday, December 13th at Papa Dels in Champaign and on Thursday, December 14th at the Warehouse in Peoria. I assure you that this will be one of the most memorable events for us.

A History of Excellence

Fix My Gadget started back in 2007, and at that time, our CEO, Larry, was faced with the most shocking experience – his flip phone Nextel. He stepped on it accidentally in the dark and found out that it had a cracked LCD, which was quite different from how strong he thought the phone would be. 

Therefore, Larry decided to attempt a DIY repair in order to solve this situation. He worked with a few yet determined tools and succeeded in fixing his phone. 

It was this experience that ignited the idea of starting a venture that specialized mainly in fixing mobile phones. And now we’re here being nominated for BBB’s Torch Award for Business Integrity.

Larry’s philosophy is clear: while we can teach our employees how to fix devices, learning how to be exceptional coworkers and provide outstanding customer service is something they must cultivate independently.

Guided by Strong Values

Fix My Gadget’s culture and core values serve as the firm building blocks of this organization’s future prosperity. These values include:

  • Honesty & Transparency: We firmly believe trust is the backbone of good connections. 
  • Building Great Teams: At the heart of our operations lies teamwork.
  • Empowerment: Our focus is on enabling every employee to realize their maximum potential. 
  • Curiosity & Learning: Our team is motivated to look beyond the normal boundaries and find solutions to problems.
  • High-Quality Performance: In everything that we do, we ensure strict compliance with international benchmarks of quality. 
  • Hard Work: This is what we mean by believing in hard work and more than just what is expected of us.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves responsible for what we do with the consequences in mind – for accountability constitutes the basis of faithfulness.
  • The Environment: We are always looking for means of reducing our impact on our environment.

Future Aims and Ambitions

As we celebrate our inclusion in the BBB Torch Award for Business Integrity’s nomination, our attention is already set on bigger things. We want to extend our services to affirm our high standards and expand our market. 

The vision involves offering quality repair service, increasing the workforce skills of specialists, and expanding corporate philanthropy under an ethical business plan. We will still uphold the same principle at all times as it sticks to the strict code of ethics.

Our Growth and Success

Fix My Gadget has expanded since 2013, growing from an individual venture to a busy main street retail location. Currently, we patch up around 400 units per month, which is quite a milestone. 

All in all, Fix My Gadget has so far managed to repair a record-breaking figure of 285,612 units. It is worth noting that this incredible growth proves the vital role of our local communities. 

And now, being nominated for such a prestigious award for Business Integrity by BBB is a cherry on top.

Bottom Line

The nomination of Fix My Gadget for the BBB Torch Award for Business Integrity attests to our strong determination to business ethics, integrity, and excellence. 

While we wait excitedly for the announcement of the annual BBA Torch Award winner at the gala dinner, Fix My Gadget continues to uphold its vision, mission, and goals and offer superior customer services. 

Join us in the celebration of this great journey as we await more news about an additional milestone in the history of Fix My Gadget. 

We appreciate your involvement in our amazing story.

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