Error in Xbox or Play Station? Our Cell Phone Repair Peoria has all Expertise to Resolve

Error in Xbox or Play Station Our Cell Phone Repair Peoria has all Expertise to Resolve

Smart game consoles like Microsoft Xbox and Sony Play Station are the hot favorites of today’s kids and youth. You will find them enjoying game consoles crazily in every other home. The popularity of these advanced technological devices cannot be denied. To date, they are the leading gaming platforms, which provide fun and activity in the comfort of your homes. Unlike PCs and desktop computers, these consoles bear hard shocks and are often mishandled, especially their controllers. The soldering of their motherboards also becomes weak and needs proper repair. Fix My Gadget, the cell phone repair Peoria offers level 3 assistance if your game console shows any kind of errors. 

Our Cell Phone Repair Peoria Provides Manufacturer-level Solutions

Our console repair services offer comfort from booking to fixing. You can call us directly to book an appointment if your game console runs down. Our 3-tier gadget repair Peoria is quick in diagnosing and mending. From simple hardware damage to software problems, we assign repair tasks based on the required repair. This is how we make even complex repair work completely done within a few hours. Here we discuss the few leading game consoles with the major errors, which we easily resolve: 

Microsoft Xbox One

The biggest issue with this super console is the error in its Kinect motion sensor. According to users’ reviews, around 30% of Xbox game console issues are about this fault. People have reported recurring problems regarding devices unable to sense the user’s voice and motion command, which makes its handling quite difficult. This one of the most expensive gaming devices becomes useless when shows this error, as it no longer offers the comfort of menu selection and game control. Not just this, it also shows unusual shutdowns, disc drives, audio issues, and other errors. Our electronic repair Peoria has smart technicians, who verily understand how to resolve such flaws of this super gaming console.  

Sony Play Station 4

Nothing to worry about, if your Play Station 4 shuts down over and over again. Our computer repair store east has a well-equipped team of technicians who resolve such issues in the shortest time spans. Just don’t wait for as many frequent shutdowns that may lead the device to an unfortunate ‘blue light of death. If you notice it shutting down repetitively, without any sign of a charging issue, just make us a phone call or visit our gadget repair in Peoria. We have been providing Play Station repair services regarding audio and video problems, screen freezing, and disc drive for many years. 

Nintendo Game Console

The major issues with this game console are screen freezing and the controllers’ breakdown. Both of these errors become a reason for great disturbance for the users. You just can’t enjoy a real gaming experience with a recurring freezing screen and a misaligned Joy-Con controller. Other common issues that our team has been repairing are audio and video issues, gamepad problems, and internet connection errors. If your device is showing such problems, our gadget repair Peoria is always open for you. 

Here we let you know some routine checks to be done at home if any of your game consoles don’t work. After trying these simple tips, if your device still doesn’t get back to normal, then you need to get professional help.

  • If the device shows a frozen screen, then you need to reset it. For it, switch it off, disconnect the power supply, and then restart it after a while.
  • Many of the audio and video issues in the game consoles are due to damaged power cables. This is why it is better to check the cable properly and if possible try an extra cable. 
  • Over-heating also results in a malfunctioning game console. If you notice unusual heating of the device, then first of all change its place. Give it a little cooler corner of your home. If it still gets alarmingly hot, then bring it to our gadget repair Peoria.
  • Keep your game consoles updated. Most of the common errors occur in them due to lagging behind and not complying with the latest software updates.


1. What is the reason behind an Xbox becoming unresponsive?

One of the most common reasons for an unresponsive Xbox is leaving it turned on for very long hours.

2. Do I need to clean the cache of Xbox every day?

The cleaning of the Xbox cache is very important. It makes the device run faster and smoother. Resetting and clearing the cache of the device is a really good measure, in case your device slows down.

3. What is the reason behind a game console screen going black?

A smart device usually turns black when it goes into sleep mode. But if you experience a recurring black screen, then there may be some issue with its power cable or with the software.