How much does it cost to repair a computer?

If you have a busted computer, you are looking at anywhere between $40 to $200 for repairs depending on the type. However, you can get affordable prices and even discounts if you give us a call! Get in touch with our crew and you will be guided through the whole process.

What is the repair cost for consoles?

Modern-day consoles get repaired for between $20 to $110 however it can vary depending on the condition your console is in. Bring it in and get a diagnosis of the problem from FixMyGadget before you get anything done.

How to repair a smartphone battery?

To repair a smartphone battery, you have to remove it from the phone carefully by undoing its connections. Then you replace it with a new one. If you are not qualified for this job, let a professional over at our stores handle it for you!

Can you fix a Samsung curved screen?

Curved screens on Samsung devices can be hard to fix. If you break them accidentally, it requires expert-level skill to get rid of all the shards and replace the screen with a new one. Our technicians are trained for it and we use original replacements as well.

How do you repair a speaker?

We check the unit for impact and water damage. We fix the problem and check the speaker for quality. If the audio quality is not up to par, we replace the unit with a new one. You can get all of this done within a day.

What is a virus?

A virus is a program that enters your PC, makes its way inside another program and uses it to duplicate, causing your computer to malfunction. We can remove the virus easily and run an antivirus scan to ensure the PC is safe.

How do you fix a broken screen?

We remove the broken glass shards carefully thereby preventing damage to the internals underneath. Then we replace the display with an original new one to make sure you get the best color reproduction.

What if my child spills water on my phone?

We repair water damage as well. Just bring your phone to your nearest FixMyGadget location and we can dry out the moisture, fix the damage and test your device for prime working.

Can you fix a broken camera lens?

We can fix a broken camera lens in your phone by removing the damaged glass, replacing the unit with a new one and testing it for picture and video quality. We use 100% original parts.

Can you fix an iPhone microphone?

We can switch the old microphone out for a new one that we secure into place safely. Our technicians test it for superior sound quality reception. Once we are done with the microphone testing, you get your phone back all within a day.