Getting Calls from Your Cell Phone? Beware – it’s a Scam

Your phone rings. You check the incoming number… and pause in wonder as you are looking at your own cell number. We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “what the…what?”.

Though it’s been on the radar of consumer advocate groups for a couple of years now, more and more people are just now experiencing the confusing phenomenon of seeing their own phone number appear on caller ID. As cell phone repair experts in Peoria, we have heard from a number of our customers that have experienced this for themselves.

It’s just the newest ploy of scammers to get you to answer your phone instead of blocking the number they use. As cell phone users become increasingly aware of scammers’ tactics, they’ve simply stopped answering calls from numbers that they don’t recognize. In response, scammers have stepped up their game, employing what is referred to as “cell phone spoofing.”

Cell phone spoofing gives scammers just enough power to get you to answer the phone. First, the curiosity factor alone may compel you to answer, and secondly, you’re not likely to block your own phone number in the future.

Should you answer that call, it is likely that a recorded voice will use an invented emergency regarding one of your financial or credit accounts, urging you to share with them your bank account or credit card information, social security number, address, or driver’s license. If this should occur, resist touching any buttons and hang up immediately. Understand that scammers have some info on you or they wouldn’t have your personal phone number so change whatever passwords you can and refrain from using bank account apps or email on your phone until you can secure those and ensure that your identity cannot be stolen.