Guide To Fix Phone’s Back Glass By Cell Phone Repair In Peoria

iphone glass repair

Cell phones are very delicate and sensitive. Some can even crack by a little jerk, making it essential to take extra safety precautions, so you do not regret paying for this device. Common cell phone problems encountered daily are cracked screens, battery issues, back glass breakage, touch issues, and many more.

Fix My Gadget is your best option if you want cell phone repair in Peoria. Take your faulty device to us, and our experts will fix it using different techniques. An expert is recommended as they can solve the issue in minimum time at a very reasonable cost. If you try to repair yourself, you will end up with a more damaged device to such an extent that an expert will not be able to repair it.

How To Fix Phone Back Glass By Cell Phone Repair In Peoria

Fixing procedures for all iPhones are almost identical but vary slightly from model to model. If you are fixing the back glass of your phone by yourself, then discharge the battery less than 25% before disassembling the device parts. It is because the less the battery is, the less the fire risk is if you accidentally damage it during the repair.

If your phone’s battery is swollen or previously damaged, then take your phone to us, and we will safely change your phone’s back glass. Another side effect of doing back glass repair at home is that you will use a replacement adhesive to reattach the screen when reassembling the device leading to compromised ingress protection (IP) rating.

The essential tools you will need during iPhone repair in Peoria are iOpener, iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6), Suction Handle, Tri-point Y000 Screwdriver, P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone, Spudger, and Tweezers. Optional tools include packing tape, safety glasses, and a heat gun. Following are the steps for changing the back glass of the iPhone 14 international method:

Removal of pentalobe screws

Pentalobe screws are located at the bottom of the phone on the side of the speaker. Remove them with the help of a special P2P Pentalobe screwdriver.

Heating the phone

After removing the screws, heat the lower edge of the iPhone with the help of an iOpener. Heating is done to soften the adhesive. After it is softened, slice and separate it with other tools in the opener kit.
This kit is specially designed for iPad, but it works with tablets, androids, iPhones, and other tech gadgets which need a heating application in the disassembling. The kit can be heated in the microwave, reusable, non-toxic, and food safe.

Opening pick

An opening pick is inserted in the lower area to open the bottom glue-laden areas.

Separating the left side of the glass adhesive

Heat the adhesive on the left side of the back glass and separate it.

Slicing technique

After separating the adhesive, slice the left edge of the occasional glass.

Separating & slicing the right side of the glass adhesive

After separating and slicing the left side, it’s time for the right side of the rare glass adhesive. Heat the right side with the help of an iOpener and then slice it with the use of the opening pick.

Separating and slicing the top side

Now it’s time for the top of the back glass to heat and slice, and the back of the iPhone is ready to be separated.

Unfastening the screws

Now unfasten the battery connecting cover screws to loosen the battery cover. Then lift the surface of the battery, and after that, disconnect the battery.

Unfasten the charging coil connector

Now it’s time to remove the charging coil connector cover screws, remove the cover and disconnect the charging coil.

Final step

It’s time to remove the broken rear assembly and insert the new back. Attach all the separate parts, apply the adhesive and then attach the further back. These steps are quite sensitive and need great expertise. If you are inexperienced, then contacting an expert for gadget repair services in Peoria is extremely important.


Along with phone repair, we also offer mac repair in Peoria at a very reasonable cost. Thus, you can take help from us regarding your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does broken back glass affect the phone?
The broken glass of a phone affects the functionality of the phone if it is not taken care of for a long time. Not only does it help the dirt and dust particles accumulate and interfere with basic operations, but it also greatly affects the phone’s overall value. It is better to get it fixed as soon as it breaks.

Is back glass considered screen damage?
Back glass is not considered screen damage for all phones but for iPhones and is not included in screen replacement. If you break the back glass of your iPhone, you’ll have to change the entire phone, and it is not always economical. You can refer to Peoria cell phone repair for great deals and discounted prices.

Can the glass back be replaced?
Only for some phones, but many can be fixed by replacing the glass. You can get it done by an expert technician at a nearby cell phone repair shop. It will help if you consider the phone’s value and the replacement’s price before deciding. If the repair cost exceeds the phone’s price, it is better not to go for it.