Headphones Jacks and When To Repair Them

With all the news bustling about the new iPhone, there is one thing that really sticks out in our minds. In the new iPhone, they are taking away something that has been near and dear to our hearts; it has helped with tuning out screaming children on airplanes, getting into the groove while you work out, and accompanying you on your long walks or commute. What are we talking about? The headphone jack.

The new design of the iPhone 7 has a lot of amazing new features, but this one definitely has us in a panic. Taking away the phone jack feels like they are taking a part of our soul away. OK, let’s not get that dramatic, but it is a big deal. If you have ever had your headphone jack break in a previous phone, you know what pain it causes.

uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, wants you to know if you happen to come across a broken headphone jack, we can absolutely fix it for you! We are the leader in the Peoria area for cell phone repair. From cracked screens, water damage, and even a busted headphone jack, we can save the day and your phone.

Some things to pay attention to if you think your headphone jack is biting the dust


Is there a crackling sound? Almost similar to static, this is irritating because it is not playing the music you want to listen to correctly, even if it’s Justin Bieber. So if you hear this crackling noise more than not, take your phone to us, your cell phone repair extraordinaire.

Cutting in and out

If your favorite songs are just continually cutting in and out, it might be time to get this issue fixed. Don’t live with a poor-quality phone anymore.

No sound at all

When you plug in your headphones and you don’t get any type of sound, or if your phone won’t let you use your speaker, it’s time to come to Fix My Gadget to replace the malfunctioning piece.

We know you love your music at all hours of the day and night, so don’t live without it. uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, in Peoria is your cell phone’s greatest resource for you to get anything on your cell phone repaired. Whether it be totally broken, slightly damaged, or just don’t have a clue, get your cell phone repairs taken care of, don’t hesitate and call today!