How To Check If The iPhone Battery Is Replaced

iPhone Battery Is Replaced

Have you ever wondered if the battery in your iPhone has been replaced? Just like any other electronic device, the battery in your iPhone is a crucial component that keeps your phone powered up and running smoothly. However, over time, the battery may degrade and require replacement. Therefore, at that time, it is essential for you to ensure that you get a genuine and high-quality battery replacement for your iPhone. 

Guide To Check if iPhone Battery Is Replaced

There are numerous ways to check if the iPhone battery has been replaced. In this blog, we will be highlighting and discussing how you can check if your iPhone battery has been replaced.

Just Go To Settings > Battery > Battery Health

If your iPhone is close to or has already reached 500 charge cycles, you will receive a notification stating that your battery has significantly deteriorated and needs to be replaced. Additionally, if you have had your battery replaced by a third party. You may see a message that will show that your battery cannot be verified as a genuine Apple battery. 

By going into this section, you will find important information about your iPhone’s battery health, such as its maximum capacity, peak performance capability, and optimized battery charging. Alternatively, you can access Apple’s Support app and further navigate to the iPhone Repair & Physical Damage section to avail of battery service.

Check The Battery Serial Number

Each iPhone battery has a unique serial number, which can help determine whether it has been replaced or not. In order to access this information, go to Settings > General > About > Battery Serial Number. Check the serial number and compare it with the one displayed on the replaced battery. If the serial numbers do not match, it indicates that your iPhone’s battery has likely been replaced.

Inspect For Physical Signs

As genuine batteries usually have a clean and uniform appearance, a replaced battery may have imperfections or uneven labels. Therefore, an effective way to identify this is by checking for any tampering with the screws on the bottom of your iPhone. If they appear worn out or mismatched, it is likely that someone has attempted to open and replace the battery; additionally, look for any visible damage or distortion on the battery itself.

Check The Battery Percentage

Checking the battery health percentage and comparing it with the estimated capacity provided by Apple is another way. If the battery health percentage is significantly higher than expected, it is a possible sign that your iPhone battery is replaced.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it is essential to know how to check if the iPhone battery has been replaced or not. As discussed in this blog, many factors can indicate whether the battery has been replaced or not in your iPhone. By following the above highlighted and discussed ways, you can easily determine whether your iPhone battery is genuine or fake.

By being knowledgeable about these methods of checking iPhone battery replacement, you can make informed decisions when purchasing or troubleshooting your iPhone. Remember, staying vigilant is important to ensure you have a reliable and genuine iPhone battery at all times. Get high-quality iPhone battery replacement from none other than Fix My Gadget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I Check The Battery Replacement Status If My iPhone Is Jailbroken?

A1: Jailbreaking your iPhone might alter or disable some native features related to battery health information. Therefore, it may be difficult to check the battery replacement status using the standard iOS methods. However, third-party apps specifically designed for jailbroken devices might still provide battery health information.

Q2: Should I Be Concerned If The iPhone Battery Has Been Replaced? 

A2: It is generally recommended to have the battery replaced by an authorized service provider to ensure compatibility and quality. If the battery has been replaced by an unauthorized or low-quality battery, it may result in decreased performance, shorter battery life, or even potential damage to your device. If you suspect that the battery has been replaced by an unauthorized source, it is advisable to have it checked by an authorized service provider like Fix My Gadget.

Q3: What Are The Common Signs That An iPhone Battery Has Been Replaced?

A3: While it can be challenging to determine if an iPhone battery has been replaced, there are a few common signs to look out for. These include a sudden decrease in battery performance, shorter battery life, rapid draining of the battery, increased device heating during usage, or a sudden jump in the battery health statistics displayed in the settings. So, you need to be considerate pertaining to all these common signs.

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