Cell Phone Repair Peoria: How to Factory Reset iPhone Without a Password

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Do you want to factory reset your iPhone but not remember your password anymore? You might see a lot of solutions to this problem online, but all those require a computer, but you need one. So now you must be looking for a solution that will help you factory reset your iPhone without requiring a password or any computer. Well, you just got down to the right place, then. This article guides you on resetting your iPhone with these conditions without hiring cell phone repair in Peoria. So without delaying any further, let’s proceed with our writing.

Reset iPhone Without Password Without Computer Without Hiring Cell Phones Repair

You can factory reset your iPhone without requiring a password or any computer without hiring cell phone repair in Peoria by following these methods:

Using iOS 15.2 Or Above

Another great way to reset your iPhone without a computer and passcode is to use this strategy. But one thing to remember when using this solution is that it only works for iOS 15.2 or above. Follow the steps or ask electronic repair Peoria for help:

● Type the wrong password at least seven times in a row, and you will get the Erase iPhone option in the right corner at the bottom.
● Click on Erase iPhone twice.
● Then type the Apple ID password related to the iCloud account on your device.

Reset your iPhone Without a Passcode Via Find My iPhone

You can also reset your iPhone without a password without a computer using Find My iPhone. You can easily do this practice at home or ask mac repair Peoria for your help. This feature is simple and quick but results in the removal of all the data from your device. So it is better to prepare your data backup on a computer or iCloud. You can easily restore your data after getting access to your phone. In case you need to get data backup. Unfortunately, this strategy will delete all your data permanently. Follow these steps:

● Via iCloud, go to the Find My iPhone site and sign in.
● Type your Apple ID and password and choose your device from the list of options available.
● Select “Erase iPhone” and click on confirm to verify your action.
● Make a new password to access your phone now.

The best thing about this method is that it has no limitations on iOS versions. This means you can use this method regardless of your iPhone model. Moreover, choose a better password next time that you can remember easily.


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Why should you reset your iPhone if you forget your passcode?
It is better to reset your iPhone in case you forget your password. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover or change your password. In this case, the only solution to open your phone is to reset your password. This will lead to the loss of data, including all the passwords. This situation remains the same even if you can unlock your phone with your face ID or Touch ID, but you need to remember the password. Apple’s security standards are so high that the FBI cannot hack passcodes. So the only solution is to reset your iPhone to unlock it.

What type of data does factory reset remove from your iPhone?
Almost all the data available on your device will be removed once you factory reset your iPhone. This is why you must think twice before taking this step. Moreover, keep yourself prepared for such a huge data loss. This data includes contacts, Photos and videos, Music, Passwords and files, Accounts, and Messages. You can visit a iPhone repair in Peoria to help you with the factory reset process if you are having any trouble with proceeding with it.

What steps should you take before resetting your iPhone?
You must take care of certain important things before resetting your iPhone. These include backing up your data to a secure location or iCloud. Moreover, plug in your iPhone and build a stable connection to a secured Wi-Fi network. Note down your Apple ID and login information somewhere. Disconnect your phone from other third-party devices and log out of all accounts. The last step is to sign out of your iPhone.