How To Fix Broken Screen On Android Phone?

How To Fix Broken Screen On Android Phone?

To repair a broken screen on an Android phone, assess the extent of the damage. If it’s a minor crack, you can apply clear nail polish or use a screen protector to prevent further spreading. For a more substantial crack, consider purchasing a screen repair kit, which usually includes the necessary tools and instructions. Be cautious and follow the provided guidelines carefully. For more severe damage, seeking professional phone repair services is advisable to ensure a comprehensive and lasting fix.

Causes of Cracked Android Phone Screen

Here are the top causes of broken phone screens:

  • Dropping It On The Floor: You may end up accidentally damaging your Android phone’s screen by accidentally dropping it to the floor. That’s sure to break your phone’s screen.
  • Heavy Object On Top: If you place something heavy on your phone screen, it’s bound to break. It’s not meant to be that strong!
  • Bumping Into Things: If you often bump into things, we know that’s the culprit, too. Bumping into things while your phone is in your pocket or bag is one of the major causes of phone screen damage. 
  • Putting Phone In The Back Pocket: Well, sitting on your phone while it is in your back pocket is the real culprit. If you do that often, you know your phone’s screen is at risk.

Experts explain that the best way to prevent broken screens is to use a phone screen protector

Tips To Fix a Broken Screen On Android Phone

1. Use Packing Tape

If you cracked your phone screen but still holding it together, packing tape can be a quick and temporary fix. Apply the tape carefully to hold the broken pieces in place and prevent further damage. While this won’t restore the touchscreen functionality, it can help maintain the structural integrity until you explore more permanent solutions.

2. Use Super Glue

For smaller cracks or if the broken pieces fit neatly together, super glue can be an option. Apply a small amount along the cracks and press the pieces together gently. Be

cautious not to overuse the glue, as excess can leak into the phone. This solution is suitable for fixing minor cracks on phone screens and may help prevent further damage.

3. Use Clear Polish

Clear nail polish is another quick fix for small cracks on your Android phone screen. Apply a thin layer over the cracks, and the polish can help fill in the gaps, reducing the visibility of the damage. While not a permanent solution, it can be a simple and accessible option for minor cracks.

4. Replace the Screen Yourself

For those comfortable with DIY projects, replacing the screen yourself is the best option to prevent the cost of fixing broken phone screens. You can find screen replacement kits online, complete with the necessary tools and instructions. However, this approach requires technical skills, patience, and attention to detail. Follow the provided guidelines meticulously, and consider watching online tutorials specific to your phone model for added guidance.

5. Claim The Warranty

If your Android phone is still under warranty, check the terms and conditions regarding accidental damage. Some warranties cover replacements for a specified period. Contact the manufacturer or your phone provider to initiate the warranty claim process if eligible.


So there you have it – expert tips on how to fix broken screens on Android phones. Hopefully, with these expert tips, you can repair your Android phone’s broken screen. In case you are unable to do so. Do not hesitate to bring your phone to us at FixMyGadget to get professional screen replacement services.

For more information, refer to the FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I fix a cracked screen on my Android?

Fixing a cracked screen on your Android involves professional repair services. Contact us at FixMyGadget to assess the damage and replace the screen with genuine parts.

Q2. Can you fix a broken mobile phone screen?

Yes, a broken mobile phone screen can often be fixed. Seek assistance from professional repair services to assess the extent of the damage and provide suitable solutions, which may include screen replacement.

Q3. How do you repair a damaged screen?

Repairing a damaged screen typically involves professional services. Contact our experienced technicians to evaluate the damage and recommend appropriate solutions, such as screen replacement or repair using genuine parts.