How to Fix the iPhone 15 Battery Drainage Issue

Fix the iPhone 15 Battery Drainage Issue

iPhone 15 just came up, and if the battery is running low at this stage, it can be stressful. To increase the battery life of your iPhone 15, update the software and optimise the low battery leverage to keep your phone battery protected. 

If your phone gets switched off before your movie finishes or before you finish a phone call with your best friend, do not get worried and read this article. We have curated and explained all the battery drainage issues along with a huge range of solutions. 

Start with updating and resetting your phone and using battery charge optimization. Enable low power mode and shut down all unnecessary apps. You should also monitor battery usage and deactivate continuous location services. Also, adjust brightness settings accordingly to reduce the strain on battery life. To get a more reliable service, feel free to contact phone repair experts. Let’s explore these in detail in this blog.

Tips to Deal with iPhone 15 Battery Drainage

Various factors can contribute to the rapid depletion of your iPhone 15’s battery. To address these issues, we’ve compiled a set of measures to protect your battery life. But if you want to repair or replace your iPhone’s battery, you can go to a nearby and reliable cell phone repair shop.

Update and Restart Your iPhone 15

If your iPhone 15’s battery is draining unusually quickly, start by powering down your device for a brief break and then initiating a reboot. Consistently updating your phone can also have a positive impact. If battery issues persist, consider upgrading to the latest iOS 17 software.

Use Battery Charge Optimisation 

The iPhone 15 brings a smart charge optimisation feature that prevents overcharging by pausing at 80%. This extends battery life and ensures your phone is always ready. It’s a win for your device’s longevity and sustainability by reducing electronic waste. Also, individuals can ask a repair specialist to check iphone battery original or not.

Enable Low Power Mode 

Activating low-power mode offers a range of advantages, including dimming your screen, reducing battery strain, closing unnecessary apps, and maintaining low-power mode until your battery reaches 80%.

Close Unnecessary Apps 

Background apps that aren’t needed can significantly contribute to rapid battery depletion. Closing them is a simple yet effective way to extend your iPhone 15’s battery life. To do this, double-tap the home button or use the app switcher and swipe up on the apps you want to close.

Monitor App Battery Usage

Examine the battery consumption of your apps. Uninstall power-hungry apps that you seldom use, and for essential apps, ensure they are running the latest versions.

Deactivate Continuous Location Services 

If your iPhone 15’s location services are consistently active, turning off these apps can help conserve battery life.

Adjust Brightness Settings 

If you typically use high screen brightness, consider enabling auto-brightness or manually reducing it to conserve valuable battery power.

Disable Battery-Draining Features and 5G 

Features such as 5G connectivity and ‘Raise to Wake’ can significantly drain your battery. Deactivate them when not in use.

Check Battery Health

Check battery health: Once your iPhone is detected, you will see detailed information about its battery health, including its current capacity, design capacity, cycle count, and more. The app will give you an overall assessment of your battery’s health.  To check your iPhone’s battery health, go to “Settings,” tap on “Battery,” and select “Battery Health.” Alternatively,  Also, you can also check the iPhone battery health check code by dialling *#5005*7672# in the Phone app for a quicker, code-based battery info display to iPhone battery health.

Get the Issue Resolved by an Expert Cell Phone Repair Shop in Peoria

If your iPhone 15’s battery issues persist, contact the experts at a phone repair specialist. They will promptly and effectively resolve your problems, alleviating the hassles of iPhone 15 battery issues.

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The rapid battery depletion can be quite frustrating, especially when your iPhone 15 unexpectedly shuts off. You can try the methods mentioned earlier or turn to the professionals at a cell phone repair shop for expert guidance. Several steps can solve battery drainage problems with your iPhone 15. Begin by checking for power-hungry apps, adjusting screen brightness, and optimising background app refresh. Ensure your iOS is up-to-date, and consider resetting settings or a battery replacement. By completing these strategies, you can significantly improve your iPhone’s battery life.


Q1: What is the reason that my iPhone’s battery drains quickly?

A: Your iPhone battery is draining quickly due to several reasons, like a bright screen, certain settings, and background apps.

Q:2 How’s rebooting and updating the iPhone for battery drainage?

A: Rebooting and updating your iPhone is really beneficial for your battery, and it also helps to increase the software’s performance.

Q:3 How does enabling Low Power Mode help with iPhone 15 battery life? 

A: An Enabling Low Power Mode conserves battery life by reducing screen brightness, closing unnecessary apps, and adjusting various settings to minimise power consumption.