How To Preserve Battery Health on iPhone

Preserve Battery Health on iPhone

Picture this: you’re out exploring a new city, capturing breathtaking photos, and using your iPhone to navigate unfamiliar streets. Suddenly, you notice your battery bar shrinking rapidly, and panic sets in as you realise you left your charger at home. We’ve all been there! But fear not, fellow iPhone enthusiasts, because, at Fix My Gadget, we’ve got the ultimate guide to help you preserve your iPhone’s battery health and keep that power-hungry device going strong throughout your adventures! 

To preserve battery health on your iPhone, optimise display settings by adjusting brightness and enabling “Auto-Brightness.” Disable unnecessary background apps through “Background App Refresh” settings and manage location services, choosing “While Using the App” for non-essential apps. It is also very important to keep your iPhone updated with the latest iOS version and periodically check battery health in settings. These are some of the tips you can utilise to preserve the battery on your iPhone. To learn more effective tips in detail, keep reading the article. 

Tips To Preserve Battery Life on iPhone

In the fast-paced world of smartphones, battery life plays a vital role in keeping us connected and productive. If you’ve ever found yourself frantically searching for a charger or facing a dwindling battery, you know the importance of preserving battery health on your iPhone. But you do not have to worry about it anymore. Below we have mentioned some effective ways through which you can extend your iPhone’s battery life. 

So, let’s dive into the world of battery optimisation and ensure you get the most out of your iPhone’s power!

Optimise Display Settings

Your iPhone’s display is a significant power consumer. Start by adjusting the brightness level to match your environment, or enable the “Auto-Brightness” feature to let your device adjust it automatically. Additionally, reduce the screen timeout duration to ensure your iPhone doesn’t stay lit when not in use.

Disable Unnecessary Background Apps

Many apps continue running in the background, sipping away at your battery. Review your app usage and turn off background refresh for apps that don’t require real-time updates. Head to Settings > General > Background App Refresh to customise the settings for each app.

Manage Location Services

Location-based services are convenient but can be power-hungry. Choose “While Using the App” instead of “Always” for apps that don’t need constant location access. Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to customise app permissions.

Smart Networking

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can significantly impact battery life. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use or when you’re not connected to any devices. Utilise Airplane Mode in low-signal areas to prevent your iPhone from continuously searching for networks.

Update Your iPhone

Regularly updating your iPhone’s software not only brings new features but also optimizes battery performance. Ensure you’re running the latest iOS version by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Battery Health Check

Check your iPhone’s battery health periodically to gauge its condition. Navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. If the “Maximum Capacity” is significantly reduced, most people ask question about how often should you replace your phone battery, it may be time for a battery replacement. S

Smart Charging Habits

Overcharging or charging your iPhone to 100% frequently can degrade battery health. Charge your device in short bursts and avoid letting it drain to zero regularly. Ideally, keep your battery level between 20% and 80% for optimal health.

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Use Low Power Mode

When your battery is running low, activate Low Power Mode through Settings or Control Center. This feature reduces performance and optimises battery life until you can fully charge your device.


Preserving battery health on your iPhone is essential for uninterrupted usage and longevity. By following our expert tips, you can maximise your device’s power and stay connected when it matters most. From optimising display settings and managing background apps to adopting smart charging habits and enabling Low Power Mode, take charge of your iPhone’s battery life.

At Fix My Gadget, we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your iPhone experience. Empower yourself with these battery-saving techniques, and enjoy the full potential of your iPhone’s capabilities!