I Dropped My Phone In Water — What Now?

Accidents happen, especially to the cell phones that go with us everywhere we go. With a device that travels with us, it is easy for even the most careful person to accidentally drop their phone in the toilet or bath, wash it in the washing machine, or leave it in the rain. Water is very damaging to a phone, but if your phone suffers a watery plunge know that it can be fixed and may be completely fine with the right care.

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The Does & Don’ts of a Water Damaged Phone

When you drop your phone in water, time is of the essence for getting it out of the water and drying it out. However, not all “home remedies” for fixing your phone work and some could create more damage.

Do Get It Out ASAP

First, remove your phone from the water as soon as possible. Though this may seem obvious, it is important to mention — if you know your phone is getting wet, do what you need to do as soon as you can to get it out of the water to prevent damage.

You Can Put Your Phone In Rice

Nearly everyone knows the trick for drying out a phone — just put it in a bowl of rice, right? Though this method won’t necessarily hurt your phone, it isn’t as effective as you think and won’t really provide the results you need for your phone to work after taking a dip in the toilet.

Do Wipe It Off & Remove Battery

Use a cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth to dry off our phone. If your phone fell into water that could be contaminated (like a toilet), you can also use a sanitizer once your phone is wiped dry to get rid of harmful germs. You will also want to remove the battery, headphones (if they are plugged in), and even the SIM card if possible. If you can’t remove these, stand your phone upright.

Don’t Use a Hair Dryer or Place By the Heater — Or In the Microwave!

To dry your phone out, it may be easy to reach for something like a hair dryer or to place your phone by a heat source. Don’t do this as the added heat can actually fry already blown-out circuits — creating more damage. Also, never put your phone in the microwave! This is extremely dangerous and could start a fire.

Don’t Put Your Phone In the Freezer

You may think that putting your phone in the freezer would help to easily remove water. However, this won’t work because once the ice melts, you will be left with a wet phone once again. Also, because water expands when it freezes, it could create more damage.

Do See the Phone Repair Experts In Peoria

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