We understand you may have questions about our tablet, laptop, game console and iPhone repair services. As part of our dedication to providing excellent customer service, we have provided a few of our customers’ most frequently asked questions to help you understand our business and our repair services better. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for below, please contact us directly.

How Many Locations Do You Have? ▼

Fix My Gadget, has two locations for your convenience with one coming soon.
4732 North University St.
Peoria, IL 61614Peoria Heights
809 East War Memorial Drive,
Peoria Heights, Il 61616Bloomington
Coming Soon!
1319 N Veterans Pkwy
Bloomington, IL 61704For more information or driving directions, please click here.

Do you back up my files before repairing the phone? ▼

No, we suggest syncing your device before you bring it in if possible. We do not compromise your security or data. If backing up is needed for any reason, you have to grant us permission to do so, and we will discuss this with you ahead of time.

I need help with software and may have a virus. Can you help me? ▼

Yes, we can help! Please call or come in to the store, so we can discuss your specific problem and needs.

Is there a charge for the loaner phone service? ▼

No, there is not a charge. To take a loaner phone, all we need do is make a copy of your photo ID and keep a major credit card # on file. Our phones have pre-paid minutes, are sanitized before and after use and are meant for a temporary replacement while your phone is being repaired.

How does this loaner program help me? All my contacts are on my broken phone. ▼

We provide a loaner phone for your safety and security, so in an emergency you have a phone. We also will try to help you retrieve a phone number if you know you are going to need it right away. Many of our customers shop at the Mall or go out to eat in the area while they wait for their repair to be completed. We will call you and let you know when it is done!

Do you need my password or code to repair my device? ▼

Yes, in order to complete and test all functions we will need this. We ask that you remove the password or code before providing your phone to us. If you do not provide it or don’t want to, we can only test a limited amount of functions during the repair process. Additional charges may apply if further repair work is required later. Please note that your privacy and data are never compromised.

Can you clean my phone or device? ▼

Yes! We offer cleaning and blow out with compressed air when repairing a device, free of charge. The last step is UV sanitation of the device, so you get it back free of any germs and bacteria. Bring in your device, and we will do UV sanitation for you for FREE while you browse our accessories.

How do I know my phone or device really had these problems? ▼

Unlike our competitors, we show you exactly what the problem is with your device. Our microscope cameras record damage, and we can show you the pictures of what was wrong. Don’t be surprised to see corrosion and debris inside your phone; it is amazing how much abuse devices take these days.

I took my device (laptop or phone) to another phone repair shop and they said they couldn’t help me. How are you any different? ▼

We have Certified Level III Cellular Master Technicians on staff. This means that we can solder and use heat exchange methods to repair your device and circuit boards. We often repair devices that other shops have turned away. Call or come by so we can diagnose the problem.

Do you repair all phones or just Apple products? ▼

We repair all makes and models of phones, tablets, laptops, computers and some gaming consoles. Just see our device list and if not on there, call or come by the store, we can help you.

I have insurance on my device, why would I get it repaired? ▼

Almost always the insurance deductible is much higher than the cost of the needed repair. The insurance company and device retailers are in the business to make money, not do repairs. Many people still carry insurance in case of a lost or stolen device, but come in or mail in their device to uBreakiFix, formerly Fix My Gadget, for everything else, saving them money.

I have or am considering Apple Care, can you still help me? ▼

Yes, like insurance, Apple Care has a significant cost. For example if you have a broken iPhone screen, the total cost to use Apple Care is significantly more than the repair cost. Most iPhone 4 screen replacements are under $99 so you actually spend more to have Apple Care and you only get two repairs with their service (Costing you $200). iPads cost even more, and we repair those too! Come by or mail in the device and save money.

Do you offer a warranty? ▼

YES! Unlike other shops, we stand behind our Certified Technicians and quality parts with a warranty lasting up to 6 months. What we don’t cover is anything we haven’t repaired, and we do note damage that you select not to repair when we are working on your device.

My device has multiple problems; can I get a break on the repair costs? ▼

Yes! When your device requires more than two repairs at a time, we will be able to discount your total repair cost!

I dropped my phone in water or a liquid, what should I do? ▼

AVOID TURNING ON THE DEVICE! It is when you turn on the device, after getting it wet, that can cause further damage. Bring in or mail in the device right away, so that we can check for damage and get started on your phone repair. We can almost always fix a water damaged phone, even when others say they can’t!

I see devices on the list that look like mine, but I don’t know exactly what model my device is. Can you help me? ▼

Yes! Come by or call the store. Our expert technicians and customer service specialist are well trained on identifying devices and exactly what need to be done to get your device back to 100% working condition.

My kids have dropped our iPad, and it won’t come on now! Help! ▼

Dents and bruises are common among iPads, especially with kids. Bring it in or mail it in, and we will get it working in no time.

I think my battery isn’t keeping its charge. Can you replace my battery? ▼

Device batteries start to go bad after being used for a year or longer. If you charge a battery frequently and use your device often, a battery’s life may be shortened sooner. Bring it in or call the store for a repair.

I don’t live near a FixMyGadget location but want your quality repair service done fast. Can you help me? ▼

Yes! Call the store (309) 693-6100 or email support@fixmygadget.com. We will follow up today with the easy instructions, and get your device mailed in and shipped back to you all within as little as 72 hours, if you choose our overnight service.