No need to pause your podcasts! With Fix My Gadget, our fast iPod repair ensures you won’t miss a moment of music or instruction. Our master technicians can diagnose and fix your MP3 player on-site for fast and affordable service. Even if you’re heard it can’t be fixed, bring it to our experts before you spend money on a new device!

Our technicians are experts in fixing these common MP3 and iPod repairs:

  • Cracked screens
  • Damaged ear phone jacks
  • Broken volume buttons
  • Inoperable speakers and microphones
  • Broken charging ports

Stop by today to get your MP3 player repaired quickly. For the fastest service, we accept MP3 Player and phone repair reservations online.

Don’t forget, we stock a huge assortment of MP3 and iphone cases and accessories. We also offer case color options, software upgrade support and UV sanitation for your device.