My Computer Is Frozen — What Do I Do?

Our computers do a lot for us. They help us complete that big term paper for school, allow us to work from home, or enjoy a virtual happy hour with friends. Our computers are capable of performing a lot of tasks, and that is one of the reasons why it is frustrating when they freeze or stop responding. If your computer has frozen there is no need to panic — it may not be broken.

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How Can I Unfreeze My Computer 

It seems that our computers only freeze at the most inconvenient moments and it’s easy to freak out. However, there are a lot of things you can do to help unfreeze it, and a frozen computer doesn’t always mean a broken computer either.

Let It Catch Up

If you are performing an intensive task — what we computer nerds call a “CPU-intensive task” — or you have a lot of programs running at the same time, and your computer is frozen, you may just need to give it a minute to catch up. You may also want to check your mouse to make sure that it is still working and hasn’t been disconnected or run out of battery.

Shut Down the Offending Program

In some cases, one program may be the cause of a frozen computer. To see if this is the case and to close any running programs, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. A Task Manager window will appear and show you all the running programs. Look for ones that aren’t responding and close those by right-clicking and selecting, “End Task.” Once your computer is unfrozen, you can reopen that program again. If this issue continues with one specific program, you may need to uninstall and reinstall it or you may need to upgrade your computer so it can effectively run the program.

Reboot & Try Again

If using the Task Manager doesn’t work then you may need to hard reset your computer. To do so, press and hold the power button until your computer turns off, wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on. Some programs like Word, Excel and Powerpoint may have auto-save backups so you don’t lose any work.

Blue Screen of Death

If you eventually encounter the blue screen of death (your computer screen is completely blue), the issue causing freezing may require professional attention. If your computer shows a code or a QR code, investigate and/or record what the code is: this can help those who will be repairing your computer know where to start.

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