Certified Cell Phone Repair 

It’s easy to panic or feel frustrated when your phone breaks, but the phone repair experts at Fix My Gadget do our best to help you have a working phone as soon as possible. We have highly experienced, certified technicians who can fix the issue and make sure that you have a phone that you can rely on when you walk out the door. We can fix issues relating to: 

  • Cracked cell phone screen
  • Broken headphone port
  • Damaged buttons
  • Broken charging ports
  • Scratched camera lens
  • Damaged volume switch
  • Inoperative speakers or microphone
  • Broken keypad or trackball
  • Water damage

Are you not sure what’s wrong with your phone? No problem! We will run diagnostics on it, and make sure that we know exactly what is broken and offer you a fair price and fast turnaround time. We can even offer you a loaner phone while yours is being repaired, if you need it. Book your appointment online today to get affordable phone repair that you can rely on. 

Need emergency service? Get seen now by the experts at Fix My Gadget