Certified Cell Phone Repair 

It’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have a phone with us every second of every day. They do a lot for us — from acting as our alarm clock, allowing us to work on-the-go, to staying connected and watching silly videos. Our phone’s travel with us throughout our day and it’s little surprise that eventually they break due to an accident or use. That’s why the phone repair experts at Fix My Gadget can address any issue you are experiencing with your phone: 

  • Cracked cell phone screen
  • Broken headphone port
  • Damaged buttons
  • Broken charging ports
  • Scratched camera lens
  • Damaged volume switch
  • Inoperative speakers or microphone
  • Broken keypad or trackball
  • Water damage

Are you not sure what is happening with your phone or don’t see the issue listed above? Set up an appointment with us! We will diagnose the issue and do our best to fix. Never again send your phone away to be fixed or wait in hour-long lines to talk to a repair tech. Schedule with us!   

Need emergency service? Get seen now by the experts at Fix My Gadget