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Importance Of Battery Replacement In Gadgets In Peoria

Tech batteries are made of lithium-ion cells. As the battery charges, the capacitor gathers charge and the speed slows down. If you keep charging at this point, the capacitor starts to lose charge and is unable to hold it as long as it used to. That is why you start seeing progressively worse battery life with time. When it becomes too much, just visit any of our stores and get an original battery replacement for your device from FixMyGadget skilled technicians!

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How We Do it!

We aim to deliver high-quality battery replacement services so you never have to face battery problems again. With that said, let’s get into the details!

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Shutdown & Unplug

We make a full backup of your data and hand it over to you before shutting your device down and unplugging it from the back.

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Opening & Removing The Battery

We carefully remove the chassis of the laptop or the back if it’s a phone or tablet, and remove the old battery from the body.

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Replacing The Battery

We bring in a fresh new 100% original battery and securely fit it inside the gadget making sure no connections are loose.

Steps We Take For Proper Care

When dealing with a laptop, we carefully disconnect the touchpad cable and remove the input cover away from the mainboard. That is done to ensure nothing is in the way and the battery, and also to prevent any damage to the touchpad. For phones, we melt the glue manufacturers use to stick the glass backs to the phones. Then we remove the back and remove the battery connections slowly. After replacing it with the new battery, we apply the glue back on the back and carefully put it back together. We test run the battery before delivery.

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Our Accomplishment!

We are level 3 certified technicians who use state-of-the-art repair kits and equipment for premium customer service. Our repair centers are authorized.

Our Promise

With all the accomplishments mentioned above, it is our job to deliver quality and excellence. Battery replacement in Peoria is just one part of it and we make sure it goes smoothly. We use high-grade stock batteries that are brand new and give the best screen on time. We make sure to deliver your device on the same day you walk in for a replacement. Our batteries come with a warranty that you can avail within the applicable warranty period but there would be no need for it as we are confident in our services. Our skilled technicians are waiting to remedy your tech problem!

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