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For The Love Of Tech! We Have The Best Gadget Common Repair In Peoria!

Whether your tablet doesn’t charge anymore or your console overheats, we have a solution for all of it. For tech problems, you will find innovative and long-lasting solutions for all of them. FixMyGadget specialize in quick and reliable tech repairs that last you a long time! We aim to deliver a service that is second to none and one that satisfies our customers to the fullest. Your wish is our command and we are here to execute it fully!

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What We Have To Offer

If you have a faulty charging port on your laptop or the battery on your iPod needs replacement, you can bring them in and get quality repair services today!

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Broken Home & Power Buttons

The home and power buttons are the first to break on phones as they are used a lot. Bring your device in and we can replace them with authentic new ones!

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Device Troubleshooting

We deal with software problems as well. Bring in that laptop you are getting a constant Windows error on and we will fix it in no time!

Water Damage

We all have dropped our phones in the sink or spilled milk over our laptops. No need to buy a new device in case of such an event. We can repair water damage.

What Else?

We also offer repair and replacement of inoperable charging ports, including HDMI ports and VGA ports repair. Our expert team can handle damaged volume button repair, inoperable USB port repair, and headphone jack replacement as well. All the aforementioned services are available and you don’t have to wait for long if you get our emergency repair services. We use high-quality equipment to fit all the parts in securely and test them thoroughly to ensure you get an unadulterated user experience.

About Us
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Our Accomplishment!

We are level 3 certified technicians who use state-of-the-art repair kits and equipment for premium customer service. Our repair centers are authorized.

Come Get Our Services!

Our warranty is widely known in the tech repair industry and people trust it. You can avail yourself any time during the eligibility period however there won’t be a need for it as our services are just that good! Our crew is level 3 certified and knows everything about all kinds of tech. We use great repair equipment that meets all industry standards and delivers an exceptional experience. Call us now and get a quick estimate for your device!

Be Sure To Check Out Our Console Repair Services Too