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For most people, laptops are a part of their everyday use. We rely on computers and interact with them daily sometimes without even realizing it. With a machine so woven into the fabric of our lives, it must keep working at its optimum condition. If your laptop breaks or your computer malfunctions, bring it to your nearest FixMyGadget store in Peoria, IL and we will take a thorough look at it. Our technicians are well versed, adequately prepared and equipped for the job. We have a burning passion for tech and we love taking care of yours!

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Devices We Repair

Laptop Repair

Our Laptop repair services ensure swift and efficient solutions for resolving hardware and software issues, restoring functionality to your portable computing device.


iMAC Repair

Specializing in both hardware and software concerns, iMac repair services offer expert diagnosis and effective solutions to restore optimal performance and functionality to your iMac.


MacBook Repair

MacBook repair services specialize in diagnosing and resolving both hardware and software issues, delivering expert solutions to restore peak performance and functionality to your MacBook.


Laptop Model Repair

We repair all types of laptop brands models. Bring your all types of old and new models laptop to us and get it fixed in no time. Quality work guaranteed with our services.    


Our Laptop Repair Services

Our tech parts are authentic and withstand prolonged use. You can trust our service as it comes with a warranty you can rely on.

laptop screen repair peoria

Laptop Screen RepairWe deal with broken screens carefully. Removing the small pieces of glass with care, replacing the screen panel and fitting the new one in securely. Get the finest in screens here today!

laptop memory upgrade

Memory UpgradesWe can upgrade your laptop’s memory for you. Both RAM and ROM! Our high-grade speedy RAMs ensure the fast working of your computer while our storage is reliable.

laptop battery replacement peoria

Battery ReplacementCharging wears the battery over time and it loses the ability to hold the charge. If your laptop has a bad screen-on time, bring it in and we can replace the battery with a brand new one.

There’s More In Store For You!

Trustworthy laptop repair in Peoria, IL is not something you come across often but we are here to change that. We also offer charging port replacement, USB port replacement, hard drive replacement, and water damage repair. Our technicians are quick to diagnose the problem, mitigate the damage and offer real solutions to fix it as soon as possible. Call us now and get a free estimate for your gadget today!

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Our Accomplishment!

We are level 3 certified technicians who use state-of-the-art repair kits and equipment for premium customer service. Our repair centers are authorized.

Here is Why You Should Consider Us

We aim to deliver peak customer satisfaction. We make sure our customers don’t have to return with the same problem we fixed for them. Our warranty backs our claims as it is one of the most trusted in the tech repair industry and you can avail it any time in the defined period. Our crew is level 3 certified and knows the ins and outs of tech. We use state-of-the-art equipment with authentic parts to ensure a service that is second to none! Join the party today and say goodbye to tech problems!

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