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We focus on the quality of work and customer satisfaction when it comes to phone repairs and Google phones are no exception to that rule. We know how much you value the stock android experience. Enthusiasts buy pixel phones for the camera quality it provides. We can take care of that lens for you! Our technicians use real parts to replace any damaged ones inside your device. If you have any trouble with your device, we can fix it for you! Just walk into any of our stores in Peoria and get your device problems handled right away!

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Providing you with the best in Google Pixel repair services in Peoria! Fixing your device is our priority!

Screen Repair

Pixel phones have a widely-known screen glitch and blue tint problem. We can fix it by checking the software and/or replacing the screen for you! Say yes to better screen on time.

Lag Fix

You wouldn’t expect this from a stock android phone but Pixels dramatically slow down with time. Let us take a look at the software and tweak it for ultimate performance!

Back Glass Repair

That panda back two-tone finish is a sight for sore eyes. It hurts to see it broken but we have the fix for you. Bring your phone in and have the back replaced with a new one.

More Of Our Services

Although Pixel phones have an IP certification, it still doesn’t make the phone waterproof. If your phone has water damage, we can repair it and test it for you. We also repair speakers, microphones and headphone jacks. We pride ourselves on delivering top repair services for all Pixel devices. If you have any problems, walk into your nearest FixMygadget store and get premium repair services at affordable prices!

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Our Accomplishment!

We are level 3 certified technicians who use state-of-the-art repair kits and equipment for premium customer service. Our repair centers are authorized.

Perks You Get From Us!

Fast turnaround times are one of our staples. When you know what you are doing, you can be quick with it. Our technicians have a resolute grip over every inch of tech repair and can perform the diagnosis within minutes. Our warranty is also well trusted in the tech repair industry and we pride ourselves on the quality of our services. You can easily avail of the warranty whenever you want within the time for it. Fill in a quick form for emergency repair service as we offer that too.

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