Own A Motorola Phone? Get The Best Motorola Phone Repair In Peoria, IL!

Motorola phones are known for their hardware customization and close to stock Android software experience with quality features. Protect that finish as well as all the other components with our replacement and repair services. Our highly skilled and level 3 qualified technicians deal with all kinds of Motorola phones. We have all genuine parts and use state-of-the-art equipment to securely fit them inside. Your device is tested multiple times for quality assurance before you get it back!

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Motorola Phone Repair Services We Offer

Bring your phone in, get an estimate and let us fix the problem for you! Here are a few things we can do for you

Screen Repair

Get your broken Motorola screen fixed at FixMyGadget! We use 100% original parts and replace the old one with a new one in minimal time! Fresh new screens for a better time!

Loss Of Signal

Loss of signal is a commonly reported problem by Motorola owners. We can quickly fix the bug by updating the phone after taking a backup of your data.

Battery Life

Motorola phones’ batteries like other devices lose their capacity to hold a charge over time which can lead to poor battery life and excessive charging. Let us swap the battery out with a new one.

What Else Do We Fix?

We fix broken or damaged speakers by simply removing them and putting a fresh new unit back in. We test run after changing the headphone jack and earpiece for prime audio quality. If you have broken antennas with bad reception, bring your Moto in and we can bring back the high-end call reception for uninterrupted call sessions. We can fix software problems like freezing and boot loops as well. Let us flash a fresh new original software onto your device so you can get OTA updates on time.

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Our Accomplishment!

We are level 3 certified technicians who use state-of-the-art repair kits and equipment for premium customer service. Our repair centers are authorized and provide the best Motorola phone repair services in Peoria.

Why Work With Us?

We offer quality services like same day repair where you can walk in with your broken device and walk out a happy customer! Our technicians are highly skilled and adequately qualified for the job. No matter what you throw at us, we can take care of it and fix it! Our repairs come with an industry-leading warranty that is trusted and accepted by our customers all over Peoria! But you won’t have to avail it, because we are confident in our repair job!

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