Tips for Politely Using Your Cell Phone Anywhere

In an effort to expand upon our last post where we discussed the basic etiquette rules of public cell phone use, we thought we should discuss where it really is okay to use a cell phone without getting too many nasty looks. Whether it’s texting, talking or taking selfies, the use of your cell phone should be limited in this spaces. Here’s what you need to know:

  • In churches, synagogues and mosques – You’re kidding right. Just don’t put the phone away. Turn it off. People come to places of worship to refresh their soul. They don’t appreciate the intrusion and distraction of a ringing phone. This goes for sermons or weddings. Don’t do it.
  • Movies, plays and other entertainment – Phones aren’t generally a nuisance at a concert or sporting event (though try not to talk loudly into other’s personal spaces) but nobody appreciates the bonehead who texts or talks during the movie or play. Contrary to what you may believe about your own life – it’s not nearly as interesting as what someone else paid to come see. If you must have your cell phone on (first ask yourself for what need), turn it on vibrate and quickly leave the theater if you need to answer it.
  • At work – Yes it is work and you should be concentrated on that first and foremost, however, we all have personal business invade our workday now and again. Just answer those texts or calls in a way that doesn’t distract others and move to a private area to talk without being rude.
  • While using public transportation – While many people barely blink an eye at someone who is texting on the bus or train anymore, don’t accept phone calls. It is simply irritating and annoying to your fellow commuters to do so. When flying, it is required that you turn off your personal gadgets flight so stick to those rules.
  • In retail spaces – You know that lady who gets right up behind you in the grocery store line talking about her recent bunion surgery? Yeah. We all do. Don’t be that lady. She’s rude and knows no boundaries.

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