Understand the Fives Stages of a Cracked Ipad Screen and What to Do About It

What is a Cracked iPad Screen?

A cracked or shattered iPad screen is every iPad owner’s greatest nightmare. Replacement costs for tablet displays vary widely depending on the model of the tablet that was broken. Most iPads include a protective glass overlay over the display, which both shields and improves the LCD panel underneath. The LCD screen is more crucial because it not only displays information but also serves as the smartphone’s primary touch interface. However, if the damage extends into the LCD screen, it is preferable that the front screen be broken. 

However, you need to take care of your broken windshield as quickly as possible. Because the front screen provides less protection for the LCD screen, if it is broken or shattered, the LCD screen is still at risk. A broken or cracked front screen on an iPad that still displays content indicates that only the front glass was broken.  Lines, black spots, or discolored parts on the display, or if the screen does not turn on at all, are all signs that the LCD screen needs to be repaired. Recognize that the cost of replacing the LCD screen will exceed that of the front screen alone.  Putting tempered glass protection on your table

Five Stages When You Need to Repair your iPad Cracked Screen

This is it. The day has come. You’ve noticed a crack on your iPad screen. We know, it’s a terrible feeling; but now is the time to stay calm and take a look at the crack beneath good lighting.

iPad cracks come in quite a few distinctive ranges of severity and often grow from one stage to another after you first discover them. Let’s check out the exclusive stages, and when you should consider a screen replacement as well as the warning signs that a crack will be difficult to ignore.

1. A Tiny Crack

In this case, the iPad crack is barely noticeable, possibly only an inch or so. It’s often on one of the corners, possibly due to the fact of an accidental bump or drop. The crack may not even make its way to the “visible” part of the iPad screen. It’s so hard to notice; you may also not even be certain when it happened.

In these cases, the best thing to do might be nothing.

Your iPad probably functions just fine with a crack, and it’s likely not interfering with the experience at all.

You must maintain a cautious eye on the crack and watch to see if it starts spreading – a lamentably frequent occurrence. If the crack begins getting worse, you need to know about it. Treat your iPad gently to help stop the problem from becoming worse. It’s not too late to invest in an iPad screen protector, which may preserve the crack from developing further.

Finally, if your iPad is exceptionally new, check the warranty. Sometimes small cracks like there are grounds for a quick trade-in, as long as you make sure that the fine print approves it. If you’ve paid for AppleCare, then this process is even more straightforward. Call an Apple Store and ask about it if you want to get a technician’s opinion as well.

2. A Few Spreading Cracks

This is generally a horrific sign, however, nothing keeps you from using your iPad. Visibility and responsiveness are nonetheless fine, although the cracks do make you a little uneasy. In this case, pay close attention to those cracks because the chances are precise that they will begin spreading, and the problem could turn out to be worse than you thought.

However, we advise against taking your iPad in for a screen replacement at this point. First, screen replacements can be high-priced (almost the price of a full device replacement in some cases, so make sure you look at trade-in options, too).

By Fix My Gadget professionals, you won’t be charged less for fixing a few cracks compared to a completely damaged screen. So it’s still smart to wait for a while and see what happens with the screen. You could easily get several more months of solid performance from it. If the cracks stop and aren’t that bad, you could get more than a year!

3. Cracks that Reach From One Side to the Other

Here’s where the trouble starts to begin. These cracks commonly branch from the sides to the top or bottom of the iPad. Cracks this massive are commonly quite deep, and it’s easy to make them worse through common iPad use.

Wait and see how things shape up, however, it’s a clever idea to plan for a screen replacement in the future if the problem gets worse. The good news is that you probably have time to start saving up extra cash for high-priced iPad repair. Plan ahead.

4. Long Cracks that Distort the Color

Now we’re getting into serious usability issues. Cracks like these typically distort the display screen around them and make it challenging to see. This is a good sign that you need to replace your iPad or get the screen fixed quickly – as nothing else will do.

These long cracks additionally have a chance of spider webbing throughout your iPad’s display, of the final signs of a failed screen. It’s time to say goodbye to it!

5. Multiple Cracks that Keep the Touchscreen from Working

Finally, the worst cracks will continue spreading and will begin interfering with touchscreen performance. Your iPad may no longer recognize you when you touch it, or it might also assume that your finger is in a different spot – possibly quite a few spots at the same time. When this happens, you know your screen is beyond repair. Schedule an appointment to have it replaced.

Benefits of Repairing iPad Screen on time

Cost Effective

Repairing your phone is cheaper than buying a new one, with the possible exception of an iPad that was blown up into a million pieces. Choose the repair route if you want to save cash and get more use out of your equipment. While it may be tempting to get the newest and most advanced technology available, it is important to weigh if the additional features are truly worth the cost.

Mental Peace

There are repair services that not only guarantee their work, but also the gadgets they use. People used to be concerned about getting a new screen once it cracked, but now they don’t have to because of the rapid warranty and protection services.


Repair time is usually less than setup time. While buying and preparing a new item takes time, maintenance can be done while you wait. You’ll spend at least an hour at your Apple Service provider considering selections, plans, and data transfers. Repair is best if you need your device quickly.


Apple & Third-Party repair are two separate things, which benefit consumers based on different requirements. Customers need to understand when to choose either of the two options. In conclusion, it’s a battle between warranty period, price, and time.  If you have faced an issue related to functionality within the warranty limit, it’s better to go for the Apple Official Repair. However, if you have fallen out of the warranty zone and need a quick repair, then it would be best to choose a third-party Apple Certified Repair Shop in the region.

How To Repair Hairline Crack Ipad Screen?

Find the phone screen crack. Clean it. Apply soft, even pressure with a dry cloth to the cracked region for five minutes. Apply glue or tape on one side. Remove loose adhesive from either end, apply a thin layer of pressure-sensitive glue over the line, and press firmly for five minutes.

My Ipad Screen Is Cracked But How Does It Still Work?

Your iPad screen functionality may remain unchanged for the time being, but that may not last. The touchscreen’s usability will degrade first. The screen will eventually break, delaying the responsiveness of your phone’s touchscreen.