Why Do People Love iOS? Here Are the 5 Main Reasons

Apple is popular for a number of reasons including presence, brand appeal, innovative technology, overall quality, and much more! But one of the biggest reasons that consumers enjoy Apple products is because of the user interaction and user experience, or UI/UX, of iOS.

First, let’s define the terms “user interaction” and “user experience.” Think of UI as the elements in an interface and how they tie together, whereas UX is how enjoyable the product or service is to use. In this gallery, we identify the biggest reasons that make iOS so appealing! Continue reading to learn five of the main reasons iPhone and iPad owners love using iOS.

5. Intuitive Customization

With early iPhone models, many users complained about the lack of customization options Apple was giving to their consumer base. And because of this, jailbreaking became a popular option to allow users access to unlicensed applications and features.

However, jailbreaking an iPhone has become less and less popular as Apple introduces newer (and better) features with each iOS release, allowing users more control and customization on their devices. Jailbreak pioneer Nicholas Allegra was even quoted as saying “I feel like jailbreak’s basically dead at this point.”

Within iOS, you can customize your background, lock screen, keyboard, Control Center, and more to suit your mobile preferences. You can even choose which apps use your location for added security.

4. Share Everything Seamlessly

The ease of sharing between Apple devices, as well as sharing to other smartphones, is entirely straightforward on iOS.

Almost anything — from an image to a game, to a location — can be shared from an iPhone. Sharing with another iPhone user also opens up more options: You can take advantage of sharing things like current location, playable songs from Apple Music, Wi-Fi passwords, and more.

Additional Apple products beyond an iPhone (like an iPad, Mac, or Apple TV) also allow an iPhone to share with these devices. For instance, turning on Photo Streaming (Settings > iCloud > Photos) grants access to photos on all devices. It is also easy to AirDrop files, AirPlay videos, share your screen, photos, and more to other devices through the share menu.

3. Easy to Learn and Enjoy

One of the main reasons that users enjoy Apple’s UI is because of its ease of use. The basic functionalities are all intuitive, and it doesn’t take long to learn how to interact with your device.

More seasoned iPhone users will know more of the tips and tricks that make it faster to browse or use their device, including shortcuts or apps that increase their personal usability. However, anyone can easily learn how to use the best features in iOS.

2. Fun and Unique Animations

Effects and animation shouldn’t be written off as cutesy. Instead, many users find these animations an enjoyable part of iOS.

One of these features came with the redesign of iMessage in iOS 11. Using Force Touch (available on the iPhone 6s and later models) on the send message icon reveals options to send a message with bubble effects and screen effects.

Apple’s latest venture into animation comes with Memoji, available on the iPhone X with iOS 12 (set to debut this fall). Memoji allows users to create their own custom avatar that emulates their facial expressions and personal look.

1. Brilliant App and Services Integration

The way that Apple has seamlessly integrated other services and applications into its interface is something that is very appealing. This is readily apparent in iMessage, where Apple Pay, GIF search, Digital Touch, and Music can all be accessed via the Applications icon on the keyboard (located next to the Camera icon).

Also, using an iPhone in the car has become much easier (and safer) thanks to features like CarPlay and Do Not Disturb While Driving. And as CarPlay has gained popularity, many more companies are choosing to incorporate a CarPlay-friendly version of their app — like Spotify, WhatsApp, Pandora, and more.

What do you like most about iOS? What keeps you engaged as a mobile user? Do you repair iPhone in case of damage?

Source: https://bit.ly/2CIiD86