Our Mission:

Make People’s Lives Better
Employees, Customers & Vendors

We Believe

Happy Employees = Happy Customers
Happy Customers = Good Business
This requires great products (vendors)

Our Values

Our values are key to our success. They also shed a guiding light for hard decisions and provide us with a higher-level metric of that success.Honesty & transparency through great communication at all levels.

  • Building great teams.
  • Empowerment.
  • Curiosity & learning.
  • High-quality performance.
  • Hard work.
  • Accountability.
  • The Environment.

We have a simple philosophy:

Surround ourselves with intelligent and interesting people that take pride in their work and enjoy making other people happy.The easiest part of the job is learning how to fix devices. We can teach that. We can’t those other skills, and they are critical to being a great coworker and providing an exceptional customer experience.

The Genesis

The story of Fix My Gadget begins in 2007, in the dark, with one very sleepy person stumbling out of bed in the morning to get ready for work. It also involves a Nextel cell phone.

Here’s the story in my own words (my name is Larry, and I founded Fix My Gadget in my brain years before the name went up on the storefront.

I got out of bed one morning blurry-eyed and tired, took a few steps, and there, under my heel, I discovered that I’d not only been careless by throwing my jeans in the middle of the floor the night before, but I’d left my expensive NEXTEL (I thought at the time) flip phone open in the pocket.

Open Flip Phone + Heel = cracked LCD

We all thought NEXTEL phones were unbreakable.  “They” said the phone was unfixable and I’d have to spend $300 to replace it. No way. It was just a cracked LCD, and everything else worked great, so it was off to the internet to watch some repair videos and then eBay to find parts and tools.  I had come accustomed to seeing many of my blue-collar friends and clients with broken screens.  But this time, I was going to figure it out and solve this problem that I kept seeing.

The whole process took about 4 hours and cost $50. It definitely would’ve been cheaper (if you count the time spent) and faster to just buy the new phone as Nextel wanted. Still, then I wouldn’t have had the fun of fixing my own phone, nor would I have been struck by the idea of starting a small side business fixing cell phones for people in my existing Cell Phone Shop.

Armed with this idea, my computer teardown skills, some extra money for tools, and a little knowledge of Google SEO, I launched a simple website offering Cell Phone Repairs for people locally and through the mail (the iPhone didn’t even exist yet).

Within a week, people from all over the country started mailing me their broken phones; I’d fix them on my kitchen table and mail them back.  I soon started working with friends, family, and local customers in my area.  The word got out fast, and before I knew it, I’d have 10 to 15 devices per day.

The Revelation

By late 2011, I had added a few more phones to our list of repairs. The most significant of which were the iPhones and Samsungs. Business exploded.

As 2013 rolled around, the stars started to align, and at the same time, a great friend, Steve Dickson, “The Apple Guy,” suggested that we add Apple Computers to the phone repair business and that he would even be my 1st Full-Time employee.

It was a fantastic idea.

Over the next month, I closed out all my other distractions and worked with Steve to develop the Plan. Part of that business model was for Steve to fix our Apple Computer customers in the area and for me to focus on the smaller device and grow our staff.

Our Growth

Since 2013 we’ve taken this business from one guy working out of their homes fixing maybe 100 devices a month to a main street retail storefront and fixing about 400 repairs a month. In total, we’ve fixed 285,612 repairs*!  We are very thankful for the support from our community over the years.

What FixMyGadget Offers?

What Our Customers Say

Michael Brecklin
Michael Brecklin
Went to FixMyGadget with a broken iPhone [damaged screen, distorted images]. I thought I would have to replace it. But for JD Thayn it was just another problem to solve. And he did. It looks brand-new and works like it, too. I’m very happy with JD’s wizardry. Highly recommend ed.
Michelle Slaughter
Michelle Slaughter
A very good job was done by Jay. He fixed my laptop quickly and efficiently.
Karli Waters
Karli Waters
Super fast, helpful and great communication ! Grateful to have my MacBook back and working again!
Vickie Carlyle
Vickie Carlyle
Sean was very professional and helpful with getting my phone up and running.
Taniqua Howard
Taniqua Howard
Great work and good prices. Fast to!!
Noah Brewer
Noah Brewer
I had thought my Mac was doomed after my son spilled apple juice on it but Jay took a look at it and was able to clean it right up good as new! I will be coming back in the future.
Spencer Dawson
Spencer Dawson
great service, they fixed the screen on my iphone 11 pro for about $60 less than the place i usual go to and it didn’t even take a whole hour. Jay was very friendly and helpful 10/10 would go again
merri reiman
merri reiman
FIX MY GADGET, Jay was a tremendous help. I recommend them to everyone. Comcast was at my house for an hour two separate times and didn’t fix my issue. Jay solved my issue in five minutes, for free! I highly recommend!!!!
Lois Ernst
Lois Ernst
Jay at fix helped with fix my lap top no time at all. DID an excellent job!! Thak you!!