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Gaming Is Our Passion – Fixing Consoles Is Our Job In Peoria, IL!

Our level 3 certified technicians know all the newer and older generation consoles inside out and can diagnose the problem within a few minutes after you bring yours in. There is a reason why we are the best game console repair shop in all of Peoria, IL! We check the console for loose ports, water damage and if the GPU and CPU are working properly. If there are any physical parts damaged, we use original replacements so you have peace of mind.

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Xbox Repair
Trust our expert technicians to repair your Xbox and get you back in the game.


Sony PS Repair
Experience seamless gaming again with our reliable Sony PlayStation repair services.


Console Model Repair

Get your favorite console model repaired quickly and affordably by our skilled technicians.


Game Console Repair Shop Services We Offer!

We provide quality console repair services in Peoria, IL to all gaming enthusiasts out there! Our repairs last you a long while and we are confident in what we do!

port damage repair

Port Damage RepairWe all know how easy it is to knock the HDMI port out. We can reattach it and securely fit all connections so you can get back to gaming!

water damage repair

Water DamageSpilled that energy drink all over your PS5? No problem! We can dry the console out, fix all the damage and test run it for your satisfaction!

game console repair peoria

Lens CleaningWe can clean the lens so your games run smoothly. If the lens is scratched, we use all genuine replacement parts to safely fix it for you!

That’s Not The End Of the Story!

Dust accumulates inside the console over time which can affect its performance. We use high-quality blow dryers to clean it for you. We fix fans so your consoles run cool and offer high-quality cooling mechanism repairs as well. If there is a problem with circuitry where the console is not getting full power, we make sure all connections are repaired if not replaced so you never lose power. Our skilled technicians know how to operate a console and bring it back to life!

About Us
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Our Accomplishment!

We are level 3 certified technicians who use state-of-the-art repair kits and equipment for premium customer service. Our repair centers are authorized.

Advantages Of Getting Console Repair From Us

We have one of the best turnover rates as you can get your console back within the same day of bringing it in. We know how much you love gaming and we want to add value to it. Our customer service is very responsive and always there to help you. You get a warranty with every repair service that you won’t have to avail yourself of as we have complete confidence in our repairs. Feel free to read our testimonials and see what people have to say about us! We always put the customer first.

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